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Valentine Baskets

Valentine Baskets OK. No pressure here, but you do realize that Valentine’s Day is just around the basket weaving corner, right??? You’ve got a lot of choices. You can give one of your own hand-woven baskets to your Valentine friends. You can give that basket filled or un-filled. Un-filled, of course, emphasizes the value of […]

Getting Organized with Baskets

Getting Organized with Baskets is an easy way to tidy up your cupboards, bookshelves and bathrooms in the new year. I wondered if the wicket basket boxes trend that emerged a few years ago was just a fad, but I see that these basket boxes are still in the 2015 catalogs for getting organized. Wicker […]

Basket Weaving Projects

Basket Weaving Projects are stacked up all over the living room, right? You’re watching your favorite TV shows with reed scraps all over the floor. The cats are having a field day. The dog is chewing. So how’s it going? Are you going to get your basket weaving projects finished in time for Christmas? Just […]

Basket Weaving Jewelry

Basket Weaving Jewelry is not easy to come by, so we were thrilled to find these fantastic- and reasonable priced- pewter earrings and charms. We have pewter Nantucket baskets with detailed scallop shell tops in both charms and earrings. Pewter woven stars are equally “charm-ing”- also in both charms and earrings. If you’re not sure […]

Basket Weaving Today

Basket weaving today is one of the very few crafts that still cannot be done with a machine. This is why I think it is so unique. If a basket weaver can’t be replaced with a machine, it makes it impossible to take the “hand-craft” out of the skill. I guess it’s not so amazing- […]

Basket Weaving with Kids

Basket Weaving with Kids 4th and 5th grade teachers, a lot of your fellow elementary school teachers use our Camp Kit as the Perfect gift for kids to weave for Mom, Dad or Grandparents. Perfect fun for the kids, Perfect joy for the recipients, and hey- Perfect for you too. With a helper or two, […]

Dyed Reed

Dyed Reed We have wonderful dyed reed in 4 different combinations. We have Pastel Parfait, which is an assortment of clear pastels. We have Amish tones, which are lovely subdued shades of Amish colors: purple, blue, brown. Our Jewel tones are bright tones of purple, blue, fuchsia. Harvest mix are rich shades of gold, orange, […]

Weaving Reindeer

Weaving Reindeer like these is fun and easy. The visual tutorial linked here is in Russian from a free online tutorial web page, but the steps are so well illustrated that you’ll have no trouble weaving them. (You can also use Google translate to read in your language.) Reindeer like these are a traditional Swedish […]

Basketweaving and Bee Skeps

Basketweaving and Bee Skeps go together. As a basketweaver, I’ve woven bee skeps for decoration in the herb garden without knowing how the internal structure would have existed. Good news: the natural beekeeping movement is bringing back the use of bee skeps with the Sun Hive. Even if you’re not a beekeeper who understands the […]

Basket Weaving Excellence

Congratulations to Maine Passamaquoddy basket weaver Jeremy Frey for Basket Weaving Excellence! Best of Basketry at the Santa Fe Market 2014.  Photo credits here are http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com. Mr. Frey creates amazing baskets with patience and detail that has been recognized at the highest levels for basket weaving achievement. In 2011 he won Best of Show at […]