Basketweaving and Bee Skeps

Basketweaving and Bee Skeps go together. As a basketweaver, I’ve woven bee skeps for decoration in the herb garden without knowing how the internal structure would have existed.

Good news: the natural beekeeping movement is bringing back the use of bee skeps with the Sun Hive. Even if you’re not a beekeeper who understands the internal workings of the hive, as a basket weaver, you will be amazed to see how the process is being used.

A post from Milkwood in Sydney, Austalia explains the use of  Sun Hives from Germany that are now also being used in Great Britain.

This Natural Beekeeping movement emphasizes the bees over the production of honey. Since bee colonies are decreasing worldwide, more work is being done to see how these might help the colonies survive. Of course, there’s a lot of destructive chemical use in the world that affects the life of bee colonies but this post is not here to judge or debate that. We simply want to share the Sun Hive for its beauty and potential to help bee colonies.

If, like me, you always wondered how on earth a Bee Skep actually worked for housing bees, here is your answer!

The article from Milkwood even posts images of the basketweaver weaving the Sun Hive.

And if you have a hankering to weave a Bee Skep for your herb or perennial garden (without the inner workings), visit our online store.

Basketweaving and Bee Skeps