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Basketweave House

Basketweave House When I saw this article about an architect who designs bamboo houses in Columbia, I couldn’t wait to share. A basketweave house! It’s really basketweaver’s dream house- that is, a house that a basketweaver would literally dream about in a dream- or maybe a house that one would find in a fairy tale […]

Basket Weaving Cane

Yes, we have ALL SIZES of basket weaving cane and reed IN STOCK. No Back Orders! SHOP NOW for Flat Reed  Round Reed SHOP NOW for Basket Weaving & Chair Cane Flat Oval Reed All Basket Weaving Cane and Reed are not created equal. We’re proud to offer our customers Superior Quality Basket Weaving and Seat Weaving Supplies […]

Clay Basket Weaving – Not for the Faint of Heart

Clay Basket Weaving ! OK. I just got my mind blown. The art objects below are woven of clay. Yes. CLAY! This is the woven work of ceramic artist Rina Peleg, from a collection created in 2004. When I saw this, I just couldn’t stop staring at the woven orbs, examining the weaving, row by […]

Remember the Hyacinth Bean Vines? Basket Weaving their way up…

Remember those Hyacinth Bean Vines that we planted in May and were basket weaving their way up the mesh? Basket weaving their way to the top… Did you get your seeds in? Here’s how they look 60 days later… July 29. They’ll keep growing and blooming for months. Eventually the blossoms become purple pods that […]

Prevent Mildew on Basket Weaving Supplies

Prevent Mildew on Basket Weaving Supplies Hot, humid summer time. It’s that time of year when you have to be especially careful to prevent mildew on your baskets and basket weaving supplies. To prevent mildew on basket weaving supplies: Never wrap your basket weaving supplies in plastic. Always dry out your supplies thoroughly before storing. […]

Weaving Rib Baskets

Weaving Rib Baskets Have you been avoiding rib baskets because you’re challenged by the shaping? We have an easy solution to getting perfect rib baskets (aka melon, potato, egg, buttocks, etc.)  every time and we invite you to try it. See where I’ve added the extra spokes to a 10″ basket? There are 4 spokes […]

Kids Basket Weaving in the Summertime

Kids Basket Weaving in the summertime means weaving baskets at camp, or at family reunions, or  Vacation Bible School, or with Mom or Dad. On vacation, on a Saturday, at Grandma’s. Yes. Lots of options for kids basket weaving. Every now and then you get a kiddo with a real knack for it. They want […]

Hyacinth Bean Vines weaving their way up the wall

Hyacinth Bean Vines weaving their way up the wall Here’s are the photos I promised of the hyacinth bean vines climbing up the grey plastic (nearly invisible) mesh wall. This mesh is reusable from year to year. The brilliant blossoms and pods make the seeds worth looking for. You only have to buy them once. […]

Basket Weaving Trellis

Basket Weaving Trellis Last year my husband stuck a few sticks into two of my deck planters and suggested that it would make a cool place for a basket weave trellis. Great idea! A self-supporting trellis. It came out so great that I’m going to repeat this annually. Here’s how I did mine: Lay two […]

Wrapping Basket Handles

Wrapping Basket Handles Have you considered wrapping basket handles with woven reed? Whether you’re weaving a small basket with a D handle, or an intricate Hearth basket with Frame, you might consider this fun addition to your basket weaving skills. This technique adds a nice detail to D-handles and other hardwood handles. It also provides […]