Valentine Baskets

Valentine Baskets

OK. No pressure here, but you do realize that Valentine’s Day is just around the basket weaving corner, right???

You’ve got a lot of choices. You can give one of your own hand-woven baskets to your Valentine friends. You can give that basket filled or un-filled.

Un-filled, of course, emphasizes the value of the basket that you cared to weave especially for them.

You: “Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you enjoy this basket that I wove for you!”

Them: “Lovely! Absolutely Lovely! I wish I could weave baskets!”

Rather than, “Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a basket filled with my homemade chocolate chip cookies. Oh yeah. by the way… I made the basket…”

Response: “I love chocolate chip cookies! Thanks for the chocolate chip cookies! Mmmm. Chocolate chip cookies! Huh? Did you say something about the basket?”

I think we’ve all been there.

Then again, your Valentine gift can be to teach them to weave a basket. Then next year, you might be the recipient of a hand-woven basket of goodies.  Preferably chocolate.

Valentine Baskets

valentine basket