Basket Weaving Today

Basket weaving today is one of the very few crafts that still cannot be done with a machine. This is why I think it is so unique. If a basket weaver can’t be replaced with a machine, it makes it impossible to take the “hand-craft” out of the skill.

I guess it’s not so amazing- given the creativity of humans- that thousands of years ago, someone decided to place a piece of fiber over another piece of fiber and begin the process of weaving those pieces together. Vines, grasses- whatever was used- probably began as flat weaving for mats or clothing. Then, it would be only natural to attempt weaving a 3-dimensional object, and basket weaving was born.

We all know the story of Moses in the bulrushes. Sophisticated basket weaving did Not begin in the 20th century!

P.S. So what’s the other craft that can’t be woven by machine? Macrame.

basket weaving today