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Easter Basket Weaving – Basketweaving Gifts

It’s not to early to begin your Easter Basket Weaving. Whether you want to weave one or a dozen, you can get started now and finish in plenty of time. Weave this Easter Kit with a Japanese oval base and #1, #4 & #6 round reed and add a flat reed accent. The border is […]

Holiday Basket Weaving

We’re approaching the time of year when our holiday basket weaving can fulfill a variety of uses. Decorating Gift-giving Last minute hostess gifts   For our family, Christmas decorating with baskets began 30+ years ago with our Christmas Ornament Basket, a super easy basket that was our second basket weaving kit. This Christmas Ornament basket […]

Basket Weaving and Meditation

Basket Weaving and Meditation have a lot in common. When you weave a basket, before you know it, you may find that you’re “in the zone”. You become relaxed, you forget about your problems and your concentration is focused on the project in your lap. You may experience a state of deep rest that’s similar […]

Weave a Picnic Basket

Weave a Picnic Basket for summer! We have a super basket weaving kit to make a traditional wicker picnic basket suitable for handing down through the family. As shown, the base and lids are split spoke design with half-crosses, a reliable technique for strength and durability. You can even weave a version of this without […]

Sweetgrass Baskets

Sweetgrass Baskets are a tradition along the Atlantic coast. CBS Sunday morning has published an interview and video of the harvest of Sweetgrass which you can see by clicking the Sweetgrass image below. The text from the interview follows: “Outside Charleston, S.C., Highway 17 looks like another Southern country road. It’s actually a working art […]

Farmers Market Baskets

Farmers Market Baskets are handy for so many uses, but the best is for carrying your purchases at Farmers Market. What’s great about this basket is that there’s plenty of room to tuck in delicate vegetables like lettuce and herbs without stacking them vertically. Benefits of the Farmers Market Basket Kit Easy to weave Fully […]

Pricing Your Baskets

Pricing Your Baskets (from www.basketweaving.com) Pricing your baskets is a complicated process and people do it different ways. The information provided here is meant to serve as a basic guideline to remind you of general pricing factors. First is the cost of materials. The reed or splint, the handle, anything you add to the basket […]

Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets Easter Baskets can be any easy-to-carry style of basket that you like, and there’s still time to weave some up for your kids or grandkids. We have a kit specifically designed in the traditional shape of Easter Baskets, but we also have several kits that work well. All of them have completely illustrated […]

Weaving Large Baskets

Weaving large baskets can be rewarding. You get a giant result for your giant efforts …but you also need the right place to do the job right. Weaving large baskets means having a big sink to soak in, or failing that, the bathtub. You also need a large table. Years ago, our Bushel Basket Kit […]

Basket Kits

Basket Kits I’m in the midst of designing some new basket kits for 2015, so here’s a sneak peak! Two down and a few more to go. The first is Double Wall Tall, our contemporary variation of  a double wall. We added French Randing with some brightly colored dyed reeds for a nice accent. You’ll […]