Basket Weaving Books Best Sellers

These make a great gift along with a basketweaving kit!

We have an excellent selection of Basket Weaving Books – instructional, inspirational – great for beginners to more advanced weavers.

How to Teach Basket Weaving

We have an excellent booklet by veteran teacher & designer Linda Hebert which covers everything you need to know to get started teaching Basket weaving classes. General teaching guidelines, class scheduling, suggested charges, materials lists, class size and so on. All sorts of information that you probably never considered (unless you’re already a teacher!) is covered to help give you self-confidence and make even your first classes a success. This booklet proves that knowing how to weave baskets is but a small part of actually teaching the skills

Rib Baskets

Step-by-step directions for making fourteen different rib baskets are accompanied by suggestions for variations to challenge the imagination of both novice and experienced basketmakers. With 231 images and 107 diagrams, this how-to guide offers general techniques and tips for successful weaving. Chapters on basketry tools, materials, and the components of a rib basket are included, as are answers to frequently asked questions. Directions for decorative weaving and composites of both contemporary and antique baskets provide further ideas for designing rib baskets that are uniquely one’s own.

Basketry Basics

Basketry Basics offers instructions for 18 beautiful and useful baskets. Beginning with simple basket designs and progressing to more-advanced techniques, you build new skills with each project. Follow along from one to the next, or jump ahead to the more advanced baskets to expand your intermediate skills. The practical projects include a market basket, square-to-round storage basket, spiral twill basket, catch-all bathroom basket, cat-head bowl, and many others. Instructions for adding embellishments, color, and shaping are included. Hardcover.

Earth Basketry

Natural materials found in the woods and fields are used to create baskets within the pages of this book. The chapters explain gathering and preparing both round and flat natural materials including leaves, roots, reeds, grasses, vines, shoots, willow, bark and splints. A wide variety of weaving techniques are clearly drawn for comparisons and many examples and instructions for borders, lids, handles and miniatures are presented. Seventy-five pictures and drawings show details, progressive instructions, and finished examples. Novices, naturalists and expert weavers alike can use Earth Basketry because its information is timeless and its presentation is clear.

Wicker Basketry

By Flo Hoppe. With its irresistible combination of form and function, wicker basketry has captivated artisans for hundreds of years. Use these timeless techniques to make elegant and practical baskets for modern use. Whether you are a beginner or experienced weaver, illustrated step-by-step instructions offer a range of techniques and tips for making both round and oval bases, making handles, preparing to weave, and adding color. Projects include a simple plant basket, a bread basket with beads, a lidded sewing basket, and a large double-handled shopping basket. A glossary of basketry terms, a listing of suppliers, and instructions for designing your own basket is included. This book is great for weavers and crafters of all skill. 8 1/2 x 11. 290 photos. 176 pages. Soft Cover

Create An Heirloom Cradle Booklet

Create an Heirloom Cradle by Donna Rohkohl is a booklet with instructions for 3 bassinets and 3 cradles for dolls & babies. Only the Large Cradle is suitable for real babies- and it’s easy to weave. You need to use your woodworking skills to make a wooden base and weave with three pounds of #6 round, one #5 round reed, and one 1/4″ flat oval reed.