Basket Weaving Kits

Give the Gift of Learning – the Craft of Basket Weaving is a skill that lasts a lifetime!

basket weaving

Give the Gift of Learning! The Craft of Basket Weaving is a skill that lasts a lifetime! These “Basketry Studio A” kits are our exclusive line of more than 45 basketweaving kits, in production in our USA workshop since 1981.

YES! You definitely get all the supplies you need in each kit: a generous supply of ALL materials. Reed, cane, hoops, handles- whatever is needed plus our step-by-step, fully illustrated patterns. Not just one or two illustrations- an average of 20 separate drawings for EACH kit pattern. Absolutely Guaranteed to turn you into a Basket Weaver!

Product descriptions feature “SKILLS LEARNED”, which will help you decide which kits are best for you.

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Basket Weaving Kits Best Sellers

Internet Special Basket Kit

Our INTERNET SPECIAL basket weaving kit includes FIVE of our easiest classic basket kits and is Absolutely Guaranteed to get you off to a great start in this wonderful craft of basket weaving! Save 24% off the price of individual basket weaving kit prices.

Big Kit Basket Weaving Kit

This kit is perfect for Learning and/or Teaching a “Series of 3″ Basketweaving Course. All 3 are easy & suitable for Beginners. Your students will love the really nice 8-page 8.5×11” instruction booklet that comes with it. These baskets are simply larger in size than the kits in our Internet Special.

Garden Basket Kit

This beautiful Garden Basket is made with flat reed body and a very easy round reed border. 8 x 8.5″ at rim, 13″ tall, 6×7″ base. Includes a 6×13″ oak Tulip D handle.

Cherokee Double Wall Basket Kit

Includes #2 round reed and #2 smoked reed. This wonderful basket kit is one of our most popular designs: easy, fun and woven in two shades of reed. Measures approximately 6″ wide and 4″ tall.

Farmers Market Basket Kit

This basket has a wide open design so you can carry a large assortment of vegetables and fruit without having to stack them on top of each other. 14.5″ diameter, 14″ tall, 6″ deep. A 10″ base Williamsburg  provides the support and shape.