Basket Weaving Tools, Dyes, and Bases – Best Sellers

Our weavers say that these items are a must-have!

All the tools and bases you need for weaving baskets, with a full selection of basket weaving dyes and Weaver Stains.
We have slotted bases in many sizes and shapes with quality to satisfy the most discriminating weaver.

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Basket Weaving Dyes Tools and Bases Best Sellers

Reed Cutter

Stainless steel blade, reed cutter.

Round-Nose Pliers

Pliers, especially useful for crimping wet round reed before bending over rims and other situations where the reed may crack.


Basketweaver’s Tool Set

Includes reed cutter, reed gauge, reed trimmers, plastic-handled awl and bone awl in a vinyl drawstring case.

Awl, Wood-handled

If you like your tools Made in USA, this quality wood-handled tool is heftier than our basic basket weaving awl. This one has a sharper point

Reed Gauge

With this handy tool, you’ll never wonder what size your leftover reed is. Identify the reed size by placing it in the matching reed size identification hole. Also shown in Basketweaver’s Tool Set photo. Reed gauge is white plastic tool at bottom.


Red 6″, 4″, & 2″

Slotted Square Bases

Superior Quality OAK slotted square bases. Slotted bases make a basket 2″ larger than base. For example, a 4×4″ base equals a 6×6″ basket. Use 3/8″ flat or 1/2″ flat spokes.

Round & Square Plywood Bases

Economy grade plywood. The 4″ bases are the bases used in the Kids, Camp and Classroom kits.

Slotted Round Bases

Superior Quality OAK slotted round bases. Slotted bases make a basket 2″ larger than base. For example, a 5″ base equals a 7″ basket. Use 3/8″ flat or 1/2″ flat spokes.

Bone Awl

Bone lasher tool for lashing basket rims.


BasketTree Dye

1/3 ounce package dyes 2 lbs of reed in hot water in just a few minutes. 30 Colors: Egyptian red, driftwood, peach, hunter green, reseda green, dusty rose, violet, chestnut, denim, lemon, walnut, gold, moss green, turquoise, sky blue, lilac, burgundy, mauve, oak, velvet plum, orange, ebony, cherry, black, navy, slate, periwinkle, wine, chocolate, green


Weavers Stain

Weavers Stain is a super product which sprays on in a fine mist- NOT ANYTHING like spray paint. A tung oil and urethane mix.

Colors: Maple, Clear, Oak, Walnut, Black Walnut & Driftwood