Getting Organized with Baskets

Getting Organized with Baskets is an easy way to tidy up your cupboards, bookshelves and bathrooms in the new year. I wondered if the wicket basket boxes trend that emerged a few years ago was just a fad, but I see that these basket boxes are still in the 2015 catalogs for getting organized.

Wicker boxes are fun and easy to weave, too! Just place your spokes in the holes in the wooden base, tuck in your wet weaver and away you go.

I use mine for knitting projects in progress in the living room, magazines under my bedside table, and even for socks on a shelf in my closet. Towels in the bathroom, napkins in the dining room… the list goes on.

In addition to wicker boxes, hopefully you’re already using most of your other baskets for storage and utilitarian purposes, like gathering and storing vegetables*.  Toting, sorting, storing. Baskets are great!

*Note to self: don’t store onions and potatoes near each other. The onions cause the potatoes to sprout.

Getting Organized with Baskets

getting organized with baskets