Weave a Picnic Basket

Weave a Picnic Basket for summer!

We have a super basket weaving kit to make a traditional wicker picnic basket suitable for handing down through the family.

As shown, the base and lids are split spoke design with half-crosses, a reliable technique for strength and durability. You can even weave a version of this without the lids, if you prefer an open basket for some purposes.

You’re going to love weaving it as much as we enjoyed designing it!

51 full color illustrations and photos demonstrate every step of the way. 8 pages (8.5 x 11″) of instruction. 12×21″, 8″ deep, 14″ tall including handle.

SKILLS LEARNED: oval split spoke base with half-crosses, twining, 4 rod coil, rapid braid border and using D handles.

Weave a Picnic Basket

weave a picnic basket