Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets

Easter Baskets can be any easy-to-carry style of basket that you like, and there’s still time to weave some up for your kids or grandkids.

We have a kit specifically designed in the traditional shape of Easter Baskets, but we also have several kits that work well. All of them have completely illustrated easy-to-follow instructions and all materials needed.

You can keep your basket natural, spray it with Weaver’s Stain, or dye all of part of it to make stripes or other variations.

Especially if you’re weaving more than one, to be given to children in the same household, you’ll probably want to make each one unique.

When you buy our Easter Basket Kit that Makes 3, you’ll receive a free packet of basketry dye.

Easter Baskets

Williamsburg Basket Kit

Cape Cod Blueberry Basket Kit

Easter Baskets

Easter Basket Kit

Easter baskets

Farmers Market Basket Kit