Easter Basket Weaving – Basketweaving Gifts

It’s not to early to begin your Easter Basket Weaving. Whether you want to weave one or a dozen, you can get started now and finish in plenty of time.

Weave this Easter Kit with a Japanese oval base and #1, #4 & #6 round reed and add a flat reed accent. The border is closed and it has a round reed twisted handle. It’s a fun and easy pattern with beautiful results! Measures 9.5″ long, 8″ wide, 4″ tall to rim.

The skill level is Adult Beginner.

SKILLS LEARNED: Oval Base with reinforced ends, plain weave with round & flat reed over an odd number of spokes, simple round reed border, how to twist and apply a round reed handle.

Show your unique style on this basket by adding ribbon (not included) or other Spring decorations (not included). 

Start a Tradition! Save your Easter Basket from year to year, and eventually be handed down to the next generation of Easter Egg Hunters.

Each of the three following kits include 1 pattern, and so they’re best when weaving for yourself.

You can weave with friends, or teach a class of 10 students to weave Easter Baskets with

Add some Easter basket weaving dye to dip-dye entire baskets and everyone will have any easy time locating their own.

Another option is weaving individual strands of dyed reed as accent colors.