Weaving Rib Baskets

Weaving Rib Baskets

Have you been avoiding rib baskets because you’re challenged by the shaping?

We have an easy solution to getting perfect rib baskets (aka melon, potato, egg, buttocks, etc.)  every time and we invite you to try it.


See where I’ve added the extra spokes to a 10″ basket?

There are 4 spokes added about an inch into the weaving: one on each side of the red clamps. Total: 4 new spokes.

These new spokes were added in the usual way, tucking them into the weaving.
However, on the OTHER SIDE of the basket, I not only tucked the opposite ends of the spokes into the basket, but I also pushed the ends right through the weaving so that that are sticking out.



This is what it looks like on the opposite side of the basket, after weaving about 10 rows.
By doing this, while I’m weaving the center rows of the basket,
I can pull on the spoke ends to make the basket flatter or rounder, as I look at the profile of the basket that I’m weaving.
Then, when I’m completely finished with the basket, I can trim those 4 spokes to a point,
and hide the ends under the next weaver. Look closely and you’ll see where I mean.

Weaving Rib Baskets

weaaving rib baskets