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This is our Best Deal for Beginning Basket Weavers!


Our  INTERNET SPECIAL basket weaving kit includes FIVE of our easiest classic basket kits and is Absolutely Guaranteed to get you off to a great start in this wonderful craft of basket weaving!

Like all of our kits, this jumbo kit comes with easy, fully illustrated step-by-step instructions that show you how to make the baskets. 

Includes hardwood basketry handles & hoops, and more than enough reed & cane to complete all the baskets. There's even some extra reed to experiment with when you're finished with the first five. 

The Perfect Hobby for the Crafty Teenager or Adult!

As shown above, you'll receive our 12-page, 8.5 x 11" Internet Special instruction booklet

We guarantee that you'll be pleased with your purchase!

SKILLS LEARNED:  square bases with flat materials, round radiating spoke bases with flat materials, plain weave, folded base, adding notched handles, Cut and Tuck, lashing rims, melon basket construction with God's Eye pattern (also called egg or rib baskets), heart shape baskets

  5stars150.jpg From a customer: "I am a new customer and new to the fine art of basket weaving. I ordered the Internet special and was amazed at how easy it was to make my first well as how much fun it was! I want to thank you for helping me find an inexpensive and fun hobby that actually produces something useful! I am normally leery of ordering ANYTHING off of the internet, but was pleasantly surprised with my experience at ordering with your company."

Original Beginner's Basket Kit, Cape Cod Blueberry Basket Kit, Ear of Corn Basket Kit, Melon Basket Kit, Mini-Heart Basket Kit,

  6" diam. x 8.5" tall, 6" diameter x 7" tall, 2.5" diam. x 8.5" tall, 8" diameter, 8" hoops; 5" wide and 3" deep,



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Great combination! 08/10/2014
By Brandy
I ordered this kit over a year ago. I recently finished the last basket from it. It actually included enough reed for me to create each basket shown, and still have enough to play with a little.
I had made lots of paper baskets before but these were the first real, reed baskets I ever made.
The directions are fantastic, much better than some of the beginner books I have seen. I especially like that each step has pictures!
I shopped around quite a bit and can't find a better deal for a beginner set, or for any of the kits for that matter. I look forward to purchasing more from V.I.
Oh, and my sister used the cape cod basket in her wedding, for the flower girl. :)
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