Free Cane Webbing Instructions

Maybe you have a rocking chair like the one above. Maybe it was your grandma’s, and it’s been sitting in the attic since 1946. Except that the seat in your cane webbing chair is broken through from the time your cousin Timmy stood on it to get down the cookie jar. Which broke. The cane webbing and the cookie jar.

Now’s the time to fix it. Spring makes all things new. We supply free cane webbing instructions with all cane webbing orders, or you can buy a cane webbing kit and everything you need to re-cane your cane webbing seat is included. As shown above. But not the chair. That’s my grandma’s.

All cane webbing orders come with Free Cane Webbing Instructions. Shop here for Cane Webbing products. 

Cane Webbing