Basket Weaving is a centuries old craft that has evolved from utilitarian skill to hobby craft and back again to utilitarian skill.

We all have heard the stories of basketry used as a core for pottery in Egyptian tombs, and who hasn’t heard the biblical story of Moses floating in his basket? Throughout the ages, we can see baskets in medieval and Renaissance paintings, manuscript illustrations and more.

In Victorian times, wicker-styled basketry, including baby carriages (aka “prams”, “perambulators”) and furniture became very popular along with the Victorians’ glass conservatories full of plants. In the early 20th century, many ladies became involved in basket weaving as a hobby, and this might be when it passed from functional items to craft hobby.

If you learn basket weaving, it’s a skill that will definitely last a lifetime. You can weave baskets for your home, for gifts, and you can pass the knowledge of the craft of basketry on to others.  SHOP NOW for BASKET WEAVING KITS and SUPPLIES

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Basket Weaving

basket weaving