Big Kit Basket Weaving Kit

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Teachers & Cooperative Extension Services: This kit is perfect for Learning and/or Teaching a "Series of 3" Basketweaving Course. All 3 are easy & suitable for Beginners. Your students will love the really nice 8-page  8.5x11" instruction booklet that comes with it.

These baskets are simply larger in size than the kits in our Internet Special.

Like the Internet Special, these are packaged in one jumbo kit. Includes 3 coils of reed, 3 hardwood D handles with finger joinery (no staples!), cane, PLUS an 8-page 8.5 x 11" fully illustrated booklet.

Enjoy their similar techniques and get great results! You'll learn a little bit more and improve your technique as you weave each basket.

Left to right, above: Harvest 8x10x10"tall, Herb 10x16x12" tall. Tote 5x12x14" tall

SKILLS LEARNED: Rectangular bases with flat reed, using D handles, plain-weave continuous weaving, Cut and Tuck, rim lashing

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